Give them what they want, Makeup!

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1.Sign up online


Email us to get started! We will set up your account within 48 hours. No setup fees or hidden charges, it’s FREE! 

Share your code with all of your families so they can start shopping online. This code can be shared with anyone and everyone! 

2.Product delivered


All orders are processed in 1-3 days and shipped directly to the customer. That means NO buying the same overpriced items, NO refrigeration, and NO taking time to sort out and distribute product! Best of all, NO door- to -door selling!

3.Collect money


You can track all sales online and YOU decide how long you’d like to run the fundraiser. It can be a week, month, or year round! Sit back and collect your MONEY!

What are you waiting for? 

CopyCat Beauty has made it easy for you and affordable for your customers! 


WE offer three fundraising options:

CopyCat Beauty offers three ways to fundraise for your school/organization.  You can choose one or all!  With all three options, you make 50% profit. 

Our online fundraiser offers a code that tracks all sales and you make 50% profit.  Your supporters order online, enter a code at checkout, they receive 15% off their purchase, and product is delivered straight to their door!  This is our NO fuss, NO stress, and NO mess promise. 

Our Flyer sale is a traditional door-to-door fundraiser and you make 50% profit. It offers a select variety of our featured items.  We offer the students a great incentives program for this fundraiser.  This program is great to combine with our online fundraiser. Offer your supporters a code to use for future online sales and make 50% profit throughout the year!

Our cash and carry bundles are perfect for all school/organization events.  You will make 50% profit and offer your supporters a chance to see the product.  This program is a great way to kick-off your CopyCat Beauty Fundraiser and easily combines with our online fundraiser.  Offer your supporters a code for future orders and make 50% profit from online sales throughout the year!

Why pick CopyCat Beauty for your next fundraiser?

CopyCat offers something everyone will want, MAKEUP! It makes a perfect gift for loved ones, it's great for all ages and very affordable. We offer brand name quality without the brand name price. Your organization will receive 50% profit and your customer will receive 15% off their purchase. Everything is done online which makes it easy and stress free. You track all sales online and the product is delivered straight to the customer's door! NO fuss, NO stress, and NO mess!

Thinking about a year round fundraiser?

Copycat Beauty is always launching NEW and trendy items. There is always something NEW and exciting everyone will want. Imagine making money over summer break! CopyCat is perfect for a year round fundraiser. When someone runs low on their favorite lipgloss, they can reorder and use the code! Your organization will still receive 50% of all reorders and the customer will continue to receive 15% off their order, NO COUPON LIMIT!

Exceed your fundraising goals!
Exceed your fundraising goals!

Fundraiser News!

There is no limit to how much you can raise!


If each student participates from a 600 student school and gets 4 people to purchase the average of $25.00, then the school would raise $60,000! 


If each student participates from a 300 student school and gets 4 people to purchase the average of $25.00, then the school would raise $30,000! 

Fundraising Flyer Sample


Once we get you signed up, you will be supplied with a flyer. The flyer will display your organizations code and can be customized for any Holiday push or for a specific goal. You can email or print this flyer and share it with anyone and everyone! The more you share, the more you make!


"I've been part of the PTO for 4 years and signed our Elementary school up for CopyCat to be year round.  I am so thrilled to introduce this NEW fundraiser.  What more could we ask for? An item we all love and everything is done for us! I plan on asking my daughter's cheer coach to sign up ASAP!"  - PTO - Karen G. 

"As a teacher, I know first hand how hard our PTO works for our school.  We depend on fundraising to purchase supplies and help with most of our school events. When I heard about CopyCat, I ran to our PTO meeting and got it approved. We are excited and even us teachers are looking forward to purchasing from this fundraiser" - Teacher- Anna P.

"This was a no brainer for us to approve and start! Affordable items we all love to use, they make great gifts for any Holiday, everything is done online and the orders ship straight to everyone's door! Best part, I'm not chasing anyone down to return books not sold or turning in late payments! Thank you for making this easy and STRESS FREE!" -PTO- Patricia M.